What Can I Do If the Auto Insurance Company Makes a Lowball Settlement Offer?

If you’ve taken steps to pursue compensation from the insurance company, you may find yourself frustrated by the lowball settlement offer they propose. Before you accept their offer, discuss your options with a skilled Vancouver auto accident attorney.

The Riskiest Intersections for Pedestrians in the Portland Area

The Portland Bureau of Transportation has identified intersections where pedestrians are at the greatest risk of suffering injuries. Pedestrians and drivers alike should take steps to minimize the risk of a traffic accident, but call a personal injury attorney should you suffer an accident injury.

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Filing a Truck Accident Injury Claim

Maximize your settlement following a trucking accident injury by gathering essential information at the scene, seeking medical attention, and enlisting the support of a trusted personal injury lawyer.

Checklist of Documents You Need to File an Auto Accident Claim in Washington State

Suffering an auto accident injury can be debilitating. Maximize your potential auto accident settlement by including documents like a police report, medical records, and financial records in your auto accident claim.

Steps to Take When Injured by Distracted Driver in Portland

If you’ve suffered an injury at the hands of a distracted driver, make sure to seek medical attention right away and enlist the guidance of an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Traffic Crashes and Fatalities Soared in Early 2021

Preliminary data reveals that the number of fatal car crashes spiked in the first several months of 2021, both nationally and throughout the Portland area. Risky behaviors like speeding, driving while intoxicated, and failing to wear a seatbelt may be partially to blame.