What Does Automation Mean For Auto Insurance?

Current estimates suggest that driverless cars could be fully operational within the next decade. Learn more about how automation could impact your auto insurance claim by reaching out to a trusted car accident lawyer today.

As automated vehicles move from an idea to a real possibility, the auto industry is taking a look at the multiple ways this shift could impact our roads in the near future. Current estimates suggest that driverless cars could be fully operational within the next decade. So, what does this shift towards automation mean for the future of auto insurance? Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities.

Data is Everything

Auto insurance claims involving driverless vehicles will need to rely heavily on data. The vehicle’s speed, performance, and the presence of any malfunctions will all influence the nature of the insurance claim. In preparation for this emphasis on data collection, companies like Koop Technologies are developing insurance platforms for autonomous vehicles and other “machine-centric” risks. These companies will collect data from driverless cars for use in insurance underwriting, risk analysis, claims processing, and more. Another company, Avinew, provides coverage to those who own vehicles equipped with autonomous features.

Insurance Companies Voice Their Concerns

While many insurance companies are exploring ways to accommodate autonomous vehicle coverage, others have voiced their concerns over the inherent risks in doing so. They are concerned about the lack of consistent standards for automated systems as well as the expensive components involved in potential insurance claims. So far, legislation has offered little guidance in terms of liability. One of the only clear definitions appears to be that “negligence” applies to those who allow their vehicles to drive themselves at inappropriate times or neglecting to install a critical system update.

Preparing For The Future

As drivers, insurers, and the automotive industry as a whole continue to prepare for the arrival of automation, it’s important to understand your options for pursuing compensation following an auto accident. Whether you suffered an injury at the hands of an inattentive driver or you suspect that the vehicle’s automation system contributed to the accident, contact a trusted personal injury attorney right away to discuss your situation. Together, you and your attorney can determine the most successful course of action to help you obtain the compensation you need to support your recovery.


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