Factors Contributing to Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Oregon and Washington

Even the most experienced motorcycle drivers may wind up sustaining major injuries resulting from some form of collision. Lane changes, left turns, and reckless driving behaviors increase your risk of crash, so take extra precautions to keep the roads safe.

3 Common Car Accident Claim Mistakes to Avoid in Oregon and Washington

You’ll have a better shot at collecting the compensation you need to help cover the medical costs, lost wages, and other expenses stemming from an auto accident if you seek medical attention, gather relevant evidence, and enlist the help of an experienced auto accident lawyer.

3 Reasons Why Your Auto Accident Risk Increases During the Summer

While we may assume more accidents happen in the winter, data shows that the number of auto accidents increases most during the summer. Inexperienced drivers, increased alcohol consumption, and heavier traffic account for this increased risk.

Why Women May Pay More for Auto Insurance Than Men in Oregon and Washington

In states like Oregon and Washington, the disparity between what men and women pay for auto insurance is significant. While men tend to be riskier drivers, women are more likely to suffer auto accident injuries. Contact an attorney to learn more.

Assessing the Benefits of PIP Insurance in Washington State

While PIP insurance coverage is not required in Washington state, many drivers opt in to this coverage to ensure that they receive the benefits they need if they suffer an auto accident injury. Talk to a personal injury attorney to learn more.

What Does the Future of Personal Injury Law Look Like in Oregon and Washington State?

As industries evaluate the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, personal injury attorneys wonder how these changes could affect their industry’s future. The rise of ridesharing, autonomous features in vehicles, and the gig economy could recalibrate the personal injury landscape.