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Auto Accidents

What Can I Do If the Auto Insurance Company Makes a Lowball Settlement Offer?

Auto accident injuries carry varied and lasting consequences. In addition to focusing on your physical recovery, you may struggle with costly medical bills, lost wages, and other unanticipated expenses stemming from the accident. If you’ve taken steps to pursue compensation from the insurance company, you may find yourself frustrated by the lowball settlement offer they propose. Before you accept their offer, discuss your options with a skilled Vancouver auto accident attorney. In many cases, your attorney can help you obtain a more favorable and equitable settlement to support your physical and financial recovery.

Understanding What Your Claim is Worth

Many auto accident victims try to pursue compensation without the assistance of a personal injury lawyer. Unfortunately, the process can quickly become overwhelming, especially when you are struggling with so many other aspects of your recovery. Working with an attorney can help you understand the value of your claim so that you can assess the insurance company’s initial offer and determine whether it adequately compensates you for your injuries.

Recognize the Insurer’s Negotiation Strategy

It’s important to remember that the insurance company is a business. As such, the company is committed to saving money, meaning that they will often attempt to offer as little compensation as possible in the hopes that you will accept the offer out of a desire to conclude the process quickly. However, succumbing to these tactics will likely deprive you of the full value of your claim. With patience and a little persistence, you and your attorney can renegotiate and maximize your chances of securing a more favorable settlement.

Let Your Personal Injury Lawyer Represent Your Best Interests

The accident recovery process can be isolating, but you never have to go through this challenging time alone. When you enlist the support of a trusted auto accident lawyer, you can focus on your recovery while knowing that your attorney is working hard to secure you the compensation you deserve. Auto insurance companies want to avoid litigation in most cases, so they will likely work with your attorney to negotiate a more favorable settlement.


If you need help negotiating an auto accident settlement in Vancouver or Portland, call Henderson Taylor Law Firm today at (360) 737-1478 to speak with an experienced and compassionate attorney.

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