What You Should Know About Motorcycle Accidents in Washington State

As motorcycles offer few protections to riders in the event of a collision, injuries can be serious, lasting, or even fatal. If you are facing a long road to recovery following a motorcycle accident in Washington state, a trusted personal injury attorney can help you get your life back on track.

Summer in the Pacific Northwest is a wonderful time to enjoy a motorcycle ride. However, even if you take every safety precaution, accidents happen. Injuries resulting from a motorcycle accident can be quite severe or even fatal, as motorcyclists have less to protect them from the impact of another vehicle or the open road. It’s worth taking some time to learn more about motorcycle accidents in Washington state and some steps that you should take immediately following an accident. 

What the Numbers Say

Although there are fewer motorcycles than cars and trucks on the road in Washington, motorcycle accidents account for a significant number of fatalities and serious injuries each year. According to the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, approximately one in five motorcycle collisions result in serious injury or death, and about 75 motorcyclists die in collisions each year. Motorcycle accidents accounted for nearly 20 percent of all serious injuries in collisions between 2013 and 2017. While most motorcyclists drive carefully and wear helmets and other safety gear, high-speed collisions can lead to significant and lasting damage.

Steps to Take Following a Motorcycle Accident

As soon as the moment of impact is over, assess yourself and others for any injuries. If you or anyone else requires immediate medical attention, call for an ambulance right away. While you wait, exchange any relevant information with the other party, including your insurance and contact information. As much as possible, avoid discussing the accident itself. You may find yourself wishing to apologize or take some blame for the accident, but it’s imperative that you do not admit to any fault. Once you’ve been seen and treated by a medical professional, you should consider contacting a knowledgeable personal injury attorney who can help you understand your options for pursuing compensation from the person who was responsible for the accident.

Pursuing Compensation

As motorcycle accidents tend to involve more extensive injuries, victims often find themselves saddled with expensive medical bills, lost wages, and other costs associated with the accident. If you are worried about how you’ll ever be able to get your life back on track, you should contact an experienced Washington personal injury lawyer who can assess your situation and help you determine a successful strategy for obtaining the compensation you are owed. 


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