Top 3 Types of Trucking Accident Injuries in Oregon and Washington State

Trucking accident injuries can be catastrophic or even fatal. Injuries to the head, brain, neck, back, and bones are common, so seek a medical evaluation and enlist the help of a personal injury attorney to help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Auto accident injuries can range from minor to severe, depending on the speed of the vehicles, the force of the impact, and other important factors. However, when a large truck is involved in a high-speed collision, injuries can be catastrophic or even fatal. If you or someone you love has suffered a trucking accident injury in the Portland or Vancouver area, you have the right to pursue compensation to support your financial recovery. Here are some of the most common types of trucking accident injuries and the steps you can take to start rebuilding your life.

Injuries to the Head and Brain

The impact of the accident can cause your head to collide with the windshield, window, or another hard surface. As a result, you could suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI) that can affect your memory and mood. While many forms of head trauma are easy to see, the symptoms of TBI may be harder to detect. Even if you do not have any visible damage to your head, it’s essential that you visit a doctor for an evaluation. If your doctor finds that you’ve suffered a TBI, they will help you determine the most successful path toward recovery.

Damage to the Neck and Back

Many trucking accident victims suffer back and neck injuries, as these areas are susceptible to damage. Injuries such as muscle strains, tendon and ligament issues, and injured discs can lead to considerable pain and a lengthy path to recovery. Pinched nerves in the back can limit your mobility, dramatically impacting your ability to perform everyday tasks. Make sure you visit a physician to determine the extent of your injuries. Together, you can discuss your treatment options, including medications, physical therapy, or even surgery.

Broken or Fractured Bones

Trucking accidents involve a considerable amount of force, so many victims experience broken bones due to the sheer force of the impact. Broken bones can be incredibly painful and may require extensive interventions to reset and repair. Additionally, fractures may lead to internal bleeding, infection, or nerve damage, so you should seek medical attention right away to reduce these risks. As you focus on your physical recovery, reach out to a trusted and compassionate personal injury attorney to support your financial recovery. Your attorney will assess the specifics of your situation, answer your questions, and negotiate a favorable settlement on your behalf.


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