Despite “Vision Zero” Campaign, Oregon and Washington Traffic Accidents Are Still Rising

Despite campaigns to reduce traffic fatalities, cities across the country continue to see an increase in traffic collisions involving serious injuries and even death.

Residents in the Portland and Vancouver area may have seen signs reading “Vision Zero” or “Target Zero” in neighborhoods or along roadways. These campaigns signal an ongoing effort to improve traffic safety and save lives in these communities. However, cities across the country continue to see an increase in traffic fatalities and serious injuries. Let’s look at some factors contributing to this concerning trend and what steps cities are taking to increase traffic safety throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Steady Rise in Traffic Collisions Nationwide

The most recent data indicates that major cities across the country are experiencing an alarming uptick in traffic deaths and serious injuries. In 2021, Portland experienced 63 traffic deaths—the highest number of traffic-related fatalities since 1990. Traffic fatalities are rising in other cities as well, including Austin, Philadelphia, New York City, and Washington, D.C. Although traffic safety experts are exploring the role that pandemic-related factors may play in this increase, serious accidents were slowly climbing before 2020.

Are Traffic Safety Campaigns Effective?

Several organized traffic safety campaigns like Vision Zero originated in European cities. The campaign’s mission was to design infrastructure and traffic policies to reduce harm to travelers and drivers who inevitably make mistakes simply because of human nature. In Oslo, cars have been banned from the majority of the city’s center to protect pedestrian and cyclist safety. However, while many American cities adopted similar missions, very few policy changes have occurred, and traffic incidents continue to occur with regularity.

Recovering From an Auto Accident Injury In Portland or Vancouver

As traffic safety experts continue to explore measures to reduce traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries, auto collisions continue to happen. If you’ve suffered an injury stemming from a car accident in Oregon or Washington, you have the right to pursue compensation to assist you with unexpected costs, such as medical bills, lost wages, and more. Enlisting the guidance and support of a caring and compassionate personal injury attorney is the best way to ensure you obtain the full amount of compensation you need to move forward.


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