Beware of Reckless Drivers on Oregon and Washington Roads

In the wake of a spike in reckless driving behaviors across the country, more accidents and injuries are occurring. Discuss your situation with a trusted personal injury lawyer today to learn how to pursue the compensation you need to support your recovery.

By now, most people have heard that the pandemic has led to a spike in traffic accidents and fatalities across the country. Lighter traffic has made speeding more common, and more vehicle occupants are traveling without seatbelts or operating a vehicle while intoxicated. Unfortunately, these reckless driving habits are continuing into 2022, with many safety officials in Oregon and Washington state urging drivers to exercise caution while traveling along roadways to reduce their chances of suffering an auto accident injury.

Portland Experiences Spike in Traffic-Related Fatalities

In the Portland area, 2021 saw a 30-year high in auto accident-related fatalities. The Portland Police Department reported 67 traffic deaths and 29 pedestrian fatalities. This uptick occurred throughout the state as well, with 581 traffic fatalities occurring in 2021—a fifteen percent increase from 2020. On a national level, 2021 appears to be the deadliest year on the nation’s roadways since 2006. So far, the trend is continuing in 2022, with 15 traffic fatalities occurring throughout Oregon in the first two months of January 2022 alone.

Unsafe Driving Habits on the Rise

While safety analysts are still examining the data to understand the factors behind this spike in traffic fatalities, some insights have emerged. Reckless driving behaviors are becoming increasingly common, with intoxicated driving, excessive speeding, and lack of seatbelt use contributing to more accidents. In addition to a rise in traffic fatalities, there has been a rise in auto accident injuries stemming from these unsafe driving practices. Injured auto accident victims in the Portland and Vancouver area may find themselves facing long physical recoveries, costly medical bills, and other unanticipated challenges.

Pursuing Compensation Following an Auto Accident Injury

If you suffered an injury due to another driver’s negligent or reckless behavior, you have the right to pursue compensation to help cover the medical bills, lost wages, and other costs associated with the accident. While the process may seem overwhelming, especially as you are also coping with the physical, financial, and emotional consequences of the accident, it’s important to recognize that you do not have to go through this challenging time alone. Working with a compassionate personal injury lawyer is a great way to ensure you receive the guidance and support you need to support your recovery.


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