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Auto Accidents

3 Essential Steps to Take After Suffering an Auto Accident Injury in Washington State

Even the most attentive drivers may find themselves involved in an auto accident at some point. This experience is often overwhelming and stressful, especially if you suffer an injury. While seeking medical attention should be your first priority, there are other critical steps you should take following the incident to maximize your chances of recovering the full amount of compensation you need to support your physical and financial recovery.

1. Notify the Police

After assessing yourself and others at the scene for any injuries requiring immediate medical attention, you should contact the police to report the accident. The responding officer will compile a police report that includes the details of the accident, statements from all parties and any witnesses, and other important information that provides an overview of the incident. The police report can serve as an objective account of the events leading up to the crash, and the information contained in the report can help you and your attorney prepare a strong personal injury claim later on.

2. Visit a Doctor, Even For Minor Injuries

If you suffer a severe injury as a result of the accident, you should call for an ambulance and seek medical attention right away. However, you may not think more minor injuries call for a doctor’s visit. Conditions like whiplash or bruising may not seem serious, but symptoms may worsen over time without treatment. Even if you don’t think your injuries warrant treatment, you should visit your physician as soon as possible after the accident. Not only will your doctor be able to assess you for harder-to-detect conditions, like a traumatic brain injury (TBI), but your doctor will document the details of your injuries. This paperwork can be used to build a successful personal injury claim once you decide to pursue compensation.

3. Enlist the Support of a Trusted Personal Injury Attorney

Sustaining an auto accident injury can be debilitating. As you focus on your physical recovery, you may also develop anxiety and stress in response to the costly medical bills, lost wages, and other unanticipated financial aspects stemming from the accident. It’s essential to remember that you do not need to go through this challenging time on your own. Enlisting the support of a compassionate personal injury attorney is the best way to ensure you obtain a fair and favorable settlement to help you move forward with your recovery.


If you need help pursuing compensation following an auto accident in Vancouver or Portland, call Henderson Taylor Law Firm today at (360) 737-1478 to speak with a compassionate personal injury attorney.

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