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Legal matters that involve children are often the most difficult to navigate. Wondering about how children will adjust to their new reality following a divorce or separation can be emotional and overwhelming for parents who are trying to extricate themselves from a contentious partnership. While judges in Washington tend to favor joint custody arrangements, they usually take the child’s wishes into consideration when creating a custody arrangement plan. Additionally, legal matters involving paternity can quickly become complex and challenging. If you are struggling with a child custody or paternity matter, the experienced family law attorneys at Henderson Taylor Law Firm are prepared to offer you effective legal guidance to successfully resolve your dispute. Call us today to learn more.

Understanding Child Custody in Washington State

Washington state law requires judges to prioritize the wishes of your children above all else when establishing custody arrangements. The judge will look also consider additional factors, including the quality of the relationships your child has with each parent, any special needs your child has, the financial status of each parent, and other considerations. If you and your spouse have already settled on a parenting plan, the judge must still look it over and approve it before it becomes legally activated. If you have questions about a child custody matter, call our office today to receive the legal assistance and the straightforward answers you need.

Handling Paternity Matters Effectively

Washington state law defines “paternity” as the rights and responsibilities granted to a child’s legal father. While all children have a biological father, not all children have a legal father. For the child of a couple who is married by the time the child is born, paternity is automatically established. For unmarried people, determining paternity can be complicated, the seasoned paternity lawyers at Henderson Taylor Law Firm will help you understand your rights and what to expect from the process of establishing paternity. If your partner refuses to establish paternity, you may petition the court to issue an order that establishes parentage. However, when the court intervenes, the situation can become more difficult and hostile. Our paternity lawyers understand the challenges associated with involuntary paternity, and we will provide you with clear and compassionate legal guidance to help you achieve a successful outcome. When paternity is established, all parties are able to thrive. The child can enjoy more fulfilling relationships with both the mother and the father, and the parents can jointly make important decisions about important issues, such as schooling and medical treatment. Additionally, the child will enjoy a greater access to health insurance, social security, and veterans’ benefits, as well as other types of government assistance. Take action today to start enriching your child’s life and support system.

Ensuring a Bright Future

When it comes to your children, you want to make sure they receive the best possible support in order to enjoy successful futures. With the experienced family law attorneys of Henderson Taylor Law Firm by your side, you can trust that the interests of you and your children will be safeguarded and defended. Don’t let major decisions regarding your children’s lives be determined solely by a judge who does not know you or your children. Make sure your voice is heard and that your children’s best interests are respected by contacting Henderson Taylor Law Firm today.

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