Contempt & Enforcement of Court Orders

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When the terms of a divorce proceeding are violated, an individual can be found to be in “contempt.” This means that the person intentionally or knowingly disregarded a court order, prompting the court to take additional legal action that will compel that individual to resume their obligations. In the area of family law, there are many ways in which a person may be found to be in contempt, such as failing to pay child support, violating a restraining order, denying the other parent their visitation rights, and more. If you need help resolving a matter of contempt or pursuing the enforcement of an existing court order, Henderson Taylor Law Firm can guide you through the process to achieve a successful outcome. Call our Vancouver office today to get started.

Proving Contempt in Family Court

In order to demonstrate that a person is in contempt, there are several factors that must be proven. There must be an existing written court order that is currently in effect, and it must be shown that the individual in question was aware of this court order. Additionally, in most cases, it must be shown that this person was reasonably capable of fulfilling the terms of the court order, and that they ultimately failed to comply with the existing order.

Resolving Issues of Contempt

While some contempt matters are handled through the court system, there are alternate ways of achieving a resolution. Pursing mediation, in which you and the other party discuss the situation outside of a courtroom, can encourage a more peaceful outcome. Or, an attorney can write a letter to the individual who is in contempt, demanding that they respond before it becomes necessary to take the dispute to the courtroom. In order to understand the legal options available to you, contact our firm to discuss the specifics of your situation. Your satisfaction is our top priority, so we will listen closely to your goals and work hard to help you achieve a successful outcome.

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