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Conflicts over child support are often the longest, most contentious disputes during and after a divorce. The formula can seem simple: factors in the calculation include each parent’s income, the number and age of children, health insurance and day-care costs. However, a formula is only as reliable as the data entered into it, and the Henderson Taylor Law Firm can investigate and help correct any discrepancies that might lead to an unfair rate. Call us today to discuss your child support matter and receive the trusted and effective legal guidance you need.

Handling Child Support Disputes

If you believe you are being required to pay too much money in child support, our firm can help you make your concerns heard. Together, we can request an adjustment in your monthly child support payments and petition the judge to take other factors into account, including your employment status, cost of living factors, debts you owe, and more. Protect your interests by working with a trusted child support attorney who can make your wishes be known and respected. We also assist with legal enforcement if the child support terms are violated. Washington allows for several means of obtaining support from a reluctant parent, including income withholding and property liens. Whatever your child support goals may be, our family law attorneys are prepared to help you achieve a successful outcome.

Proudly Serving Clark County Families

Henderson Taylor Law Firm proudly represents individuals in a wide range of family law matters. Our goal is to help each client achieve their legal goals and receive an equitable and favorable resolution. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you successfully navigate your child support matter.

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