Alimony & Spousal Support

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As part of a divorce proceeding, one spouse is typically ordered to make spousal support payments, also known as alimony payments, to the other spouse. Spousal support payments aim to help the lower-earning spouse adjust to a new way of life, now that they no longer have access to the resources of the higher-earning spouse. Whether you are seeking spousal support from a former spouse or you are being ordered to make spousal support payments, the experienced family law attorneys at Henderson Taylor Law Firm can provide you with effective legal guidance to help you achieve your divorce goals.

Calculating Spousal Support Payments in Washington

Washington courts take many factors into account when determining a spousal support arrangement. The length of the marriage, the income of each spouse, the standard of living during the marriage, and the employability of each spouse all inform the final spousal support arrangement. In situations where one spouse has foregone a career in order to raise children, the court will typically award a longer period of alimony so that the spouse can receive workforce retraining and thus become more employable. In most cases, alimony payments cease with the remarriage of the spousal support recipient. To learn more about how alimony payments are calculated, contact Henderson Taylor Law Firm today.

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There are circumstances where a spouse is making less than he or she is capable of earning. When this happens, the court may “impute” income to that spouse so that the alimony payments will then be calculated based on the higher salary. If you need help receiving the financial assistance that you and your children deserve, call our firm today to get started. We are deeply committed to the satisfaction of all of our Clark County clients, and we will work hard to make sure we help you achieve a successful outcome.

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